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 Staff Search!
 Posted: January 02, 2016
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Staff Search

Welcome to the code box, and I hope you've found it lovely. As of Janurary 2nd 2016 the following staff positions are open and ready to be filled! We look forward to working with you!

Coding (x2 / x3) You do most of the board maitinence, as well as help make challenges and fill requests. You can work a lot or a little, the admins will be helping you out as much as possible. Just come in, hang out, and relax. So long as everything gets done in a timely fasion I don't care if you're on every day, or every three days. Just try to help, please? Thanks!

Challenge (x2) You make mass challenges for the members, as well as maintain the spotlight challenge, which is a challenge where members and staff create a skin that could end up being used for the default Code Box skin. You are also in charge of the button banners for winners, and posting the voting. Again, the admins and code mods will be helping you out.

Really hope we can fill these up! Just PM me with your interest. Make sure you let me know

what you want to do
how long you've been coding
age - pronouns - alias
about you

[b]what you want to do[/b]
[b]how long you've been coding[/b]
[b]age - pronouns - alias[/b]
[b]about you[/b]

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