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 Rules -, Really, just basic respect.
 Posted: December 23, 2015
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Yuno - she - her - Gallery - Toy Box - Beginner

The Rules

one. - Everyone should be respectful to one another. This goes beyond the chat, but to all the boards the codes and everything. People will ask for feedback, of course you want to tell them what you like and what you don't... But DO NOT just grill someones hard work. Tell the the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not just the ugly. It sucks, man. It sucks not to know what you did right, and its far from constructive.

two. - Any kind of theft will not be tolerated. People work hard on their codes, whether it takes them ten minutes, ten hours, or ten days to finish. If you're going to use someone's code, make sure its a permitted use and you absolutely MUST credit them unless they state otherwise.

three. - Cbox rules are basic, and almost always the same no matter what site you're on. No advertising, or linking away from The Code Box for any reason. The only exception is youtube. That is the ONLY exception to this rule. No facebook, twitch, twitter, tumblr, etc. Also - It is okay to handle SMALL coding problems (I.E. one line of code or a spelling error or otherwise similar), but please make use of the Assistance forum please!

four. - Like most sites, graphics and what not are a concern. While codes are how they are, we'd appreciate if you kept all signature's you choose to use here at no wider than 600px. Height is up to you, but lets not make them like 2000 pixels high. That gets a little old after 3 posts. Hehe.

five. - Staff are always here for you. Rather than fighting in the cbox, or harassing each other on PMs please contact any one of the admins or security mods to assist you in any issues you might have. If you notice someone took a code, or removed your credit or what ever it is, just let us know and we will sort it out ASAP.

Advertising. - When you advertise on our site, please make sure you follow the advertising rules and form as found here There is to be no playby's under the age of 13 if you choose to advertise with us. It's a taboo that we're not here to mess around with. I love my child characters just as much as anyone, but that doesn't make them a good roleplay use character. Do not advertise in the cbox, maintain a respectful playby list, and everything will be peachy.

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